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To Transfer SpeedType File from One PC to Another

Back up SpeedType Dictionary File (.spf) onto CD, Jump Drive or to a Cloud account:

1. Insert CD into CD ROM drawer or plug in Jump Drive into USB port or direct into your Cloud account.

2. Go to Windows Start button and right click on START. Left click once on Explore to open up Windows Explorer (Win 7, 8) or File Explorer (Win10).

3. Find your SpeedType folder on the left underneath the C:/Program Files/SpeedType/ST9 folder. For Version 10, c:\st10.

4. Double click on the SpeedType folder and then double click your ST9. For Version 10 double click on your c:\st10 folder to view your ___.spf file.

5. Right click on your ___.spf file and left click on Send To: and choose the d:\ drive (CD), Jump drive, Cloud Account pathway.

6. Double click the backup drive (Ex: d:/ drive) on the left just to view your ______.spf file on the right to make sure it transferred.

7. Remove CD out of ROM drawer or disable and remove Jump Drive or Save to your Cloud account.

8. Close out of Windows Explorer. You now have a SpeedType dictionary backup copy file.

To Reload your dictionary file (in case of hard drive crash)

1. Insert CD into ROM drawer or Jump Drive or backup device into USB or point to your Cloud account.

2. Go into Windows Explorer. (Right click on Windows Start button and left click on Explore or File Explorer for Win10).

3. Double click on the D:\, Jump Drive drive, or backup location of your choice to view your ____.spf file on the right.

4. Double click on the SpeedType folder on the left revealing the ST9 (or st10) folder beneath it.

5. Left click on your ____.spf file across from the D:\ or Jump Drive or located in your Cloud account, and drag it on top of the st10 folder letting go of the left mouse after the ST9/st10 folder highlights.

6. Double click on the st10 folder to view your file on the right (just to double check the transfer took place).

1. Open up SpeedType program and hit F10 to bring up your main screen.

2. Go to File, Open.

3. Highlight your _______.spf file by clicking on it once with left mouse.

4. Click the Open button in your Open Dictionary window.

5. Go to File and click Save and voila! Your abbreviations are popped right back into SpeedType.


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