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SpeedType™ Testimonials

By the way, I LOVE SpeedType.

If you ever need an MT to talk to someone who is considering buying it, you can send them to me. I can give them any number of areas where SpeedType is better than the "cheap" program I was using before--and I haven't even come close to using all of its features yet.

Thanks again,
Jeanne - San Antonio, TX

How did I ever live without this software?

I LOVE IT - and it works with the McKesson software. This is very exciting.

Thanks so much, Betsy.
Mindy - Camelot, CA

Thank you so much. SpeedType is second to none in my book.

Just an FYI, I am now using EMDAT/Inscribe and I am able to use SpeedType seamlessly without any problem whatsoever. It took a bit of tweaking the hot keys but once I found keys that were not already taken by EMDAT, it has worked perfectly. I'm sure you have other clients that use EMDAT and thought you might want to know this information, in case they ask you. :)


One of my co-workers suggested SpeedType as a possible alternative to other text expanders I have been using

One of my co-workers suggested SpeedType as a possible alternative to other text expanders I have been using. SpeedType fills the bill and does the job in all circumstances. Just adding a few key phrases like I don’t recall, I don’t know, I don’t believe so, preponderance of the evidence, et cetera, I am seeing the results of less repetitive stress from typing day after day at the keyboard. It’s a lifesaver. I’ve used two other text expander programs before SpeedType which would not work with FTR, that would not work at the beginning of a response to Q or A or Colloquy, and that were not supported by the company to work with other programs like MS Word and our audio players. Problems such as a hung up computer, rebooting and lost time (especially on an hourly job) were so aggravating and stressful. Now those problems are in the rearview mirror.

I am saving time and preventing repetitive stress injuries which is critical since I left court reporting due to carpal tunnel and frozen shoulder with ensuing surgeries. I used to wonder how long I could survive doing 200 pages a week with AvTranz. Now I know that I will more than survive; I will thrive with time to spare. Who knows, I may even take Betsy’s class and learn a lot more functions to save even more time!


"I was able to successfully download the SpeedType software.

I have just barely played with it and already I can see what a HUGE advantage this will be. I am a Medical Transcriptionist and have always used the Auto Correct function but needed something for addresses as my large account is a specialist who sends correspondence back to the referring physician and also the templates that I use. I can see this will be awesome. Thanks for the free trial, this will help me with my decision."

Ruth Smith

Thank you very much for all your help with getting SpeedType up and running.

I now have it on both my computers and have loaded my dictionary [as it existed last week] onto my laptop. I am very happy with the software, and it has been a real boost to productivity since I haven’t “lost” any of my shortcuts since I started using it. Thank you again for all your help and for a very good product.

Have a great day!

Judy O'Bar

I absolutely LOVE this program. Thank you, Betsy, for being so helpful and patient with my conversion.

Jessie Leber Transcription

SpeedType is absolutely great!

The last thing an MTSO wants to hear is her text expander is not compatible with Windows 7, losing 14 years of abbreviations, but Betsy at Speed Type saved me. This is a great program, easy, quick, and uncomplicated, and unlike the competitors, great customer service on several occasions! Betsy converted my old abbreviations and off I went with no disruption in business whatsoever—a true lifesaver. Thank you so much for your assistance, Betsy. You and Speed Type are both great.

Dianna Lazan Owner, SeaScript Medical Transcription

Thank you so much for your help Betsy.

I will do that. Have a great day and again thank you especially for your quick response which means so very much. It is a really wonderful thing to know that help is so readily available in times like these and it helps to relieve a lot of stress in this world of technology when the usual is not so helpful. Love your product and love your company. Patty

P. Bailey

I am absolutely thrilled with SpeedType.

It sets up easily. SpeedType integrated itself with all my programs, especially audio players of all types and MS Word using templates. The system doesn't hang. I don't lose my precious work. Workarounds are a thing of the past. My transcription time is greatly reduced and, therefore, life is great. This text expander is the only one I found that performs so efficiently that there is no lag time between the time of input, text expansion, and the next word to be typed. Again, no workarounds. Thank you!! The software works for me. I look forward to transcribing now and working fewer hours. I think I’ll actually schedule some time off to go play. :) Congrats. This is the best software I've ever used.

Thanks, Nancy (court reporting)

Betsy, thank you so much!

I am serious when I say I wish every company ran their operations the way you do. Not only do you answer every email lightning fast, but you have helped me through this, which is no small feat given my lack of technical expertise. Thanks Betsy! If there's every anything I can do for you, please remember me!

Laura Carter, laura.carter@southwesttranscription.com