• 1-800-577-6665
  • info@speedtype.com
  • 1-800-577-6665
  • info@speedtype.com


1. Temporarily disable antivirus running software programs, (Norton, McAfee, Kaspersky)

2. Place CD in CD ROM drawer. Allow installation to immediately begin.

3. Click Next, Next, Yes, Next, Next, Next... until the Finished button. (Do not change anything during the install.)

4. Click Finished button.

5. Close out window with 5 icons at the X in top right corner.

6. Double click SpeedType Application icon on Desktop to initialize program.

7. The Register window will appear. Registration info will be sent upon purchase via e-mail after following PC Key Instructions below.

8. Click Cancel. (You can use the program for 15 days without Registration until you receive your official license via email.)

9. Program main screen (yellow window) will go into Auto Hide.

10. F10 to visualize main screen.

11. At this point, follow the How To Get Started instructions sent in your packet to create a dictionary and begin making entries. Happy Productivity!


1. If you haven't already done so, install SpeedType Version 10 for Windows on the computer that will be running SpeedType. (Note that your license will not work on any other computer so make sure you install SpeedType on the correct computer.)

2. Start SpeedType. SpeedType should display a window with the title "About SpeedType".

3. Click the "Licensing Info" button (next to the OK button) and you should see a window displaying a message like:

PRODUCT: SpeedType ....

UserID= xxxxx

NUsers= 1

LicenseID= xxxxxxx

PCKey= xxxxxx

InstallDate= xxxxxx

When you see the above message, click the "COPY TO CLIPBOARD" button at the bottom of the message window to copy it to the Windows invisible clipboard pasting it into an email message. Send to info@speedtype.com.

Replacement License Same User - $15

Second Machine License Same User- $25


Betsy Ertel, AHDI-F, CEO

Direct 407-880-2189

Cell 407-252-6032

Voice mail 1-800-577-6665

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