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SpeedType - “The Extreme Word Expander”

How to Get Started

A.To Open SpeedType Program After Installation:

1. Double click on desktop SpeedType Application icon. The program will initialize and ask for registration. This will be sent to you via your e-mail address. Click OK and the SpeedType window will go into Auto Hide.

2. To restore main SpeedType window hit F10 or click lightning bolt icon on Windows tool bar.

3. Make sure the Auto Replace box in top right corner of main SpeedType screen is checked. (Program expansion feature is turned on for the entire Windows operating system.)

4. Main yellow screen Keyword/Text to Type fields are for Find and Search mode only. Individual SpeedType dictionaries are shown as white tabs at bottom of main screen.

B. To Create Individual Dictionary (or macro file):

1. File.

2. New

3. File Name: (your name or whatever you choose)

4. Save

5. Gray tab appears on right side bottom of main yellow SpeedType screen with chosen dictionary name.

C. To Add to your word list: (Alt+D)

1. To Add to your Word List, Click ADD button middle of main screen OR utilize the Alt + D keystroke combination from the main SpeedType screen. The Add feature will be highlighted.

6. Enter.

7. Type short form (abbreviation) in Keyword.

8. Tab down to Text To Type and enter long form.

9. Click OK. (Click Hide on main screen. Open up word processor document to test keyword.)

10. Abbreviation and long form will appear on yellow main screen revealing index of newly created dictionary. Select an entry in listing to access Delete or Edit any items in your dictionary.

AutoSave - Saves modification of, or additions to, SpeedType dictionaries. Feature already set at File, Preferences, Display.

Hot Keys

F10 to access SpeedType main screen after program is opened. Esc to Hide main screen.

Alt F = To make SetUp changes

Alt D and Enter = To add to word list

Ctrl + K inside Dictionary Text Add window = Allows formatting code commands such as Bold, Italic, Underline or Backspace, Tab, Pause, et cetera.

Help/Statistics - Productivity monitoring of characters typed. Time Saved in Hours, Minutes & Seconds, % of keyboarding done.

Ctrl + Insert + Insert = Immediate pasting of highlighted text from document into Dictionary Text Add Window/Text to Type field

Help/Contents = electronic manual; a regular Windows Help file

Esc = Aborts expansion and also Hides SpeedType main screen

Betsy Ertel/CEO/AHDI-F